Summer is officially on its way, and for many, that means the sun, sand and a much needed getaway.

But just because you’re going away doesn’t mean you need to leave all the fun at home, by safely packing your sex toys you will ensure some heated-holiday fun!

Below are tips for travelling with your sex toys:

1. Leave the valuables at home

Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean disaster won’t happen.

Baggage theft, customs regulations or simply misplacement of items can occur – so to avoid disappointment, it’s best you leave the expensive designer sex toys at home, and rather opt for inexpensive or disposable toys that are just as fun.

2. Go small or go home

Size does count when choosing which sex toy products to buy for your sexy holiday.

Rather find items that are small and discreet. A giant dildo will not only take up coveted luggage space but it will also create an awkward situation should it be discovered.

There are many mini-sized options available today that is just as powerful as their larger counterparts. Plus the smaller the toy the less noise it will likely make.

3. Wet & wild fun

Look for a toy that is 100% waterproof to ensure kinky fun anywhere.

Find something you can share with your partner or alone should you want to make use of the jacuzzi, bath or shower and if you’re brave enough – even the swimming pool or ocean is an option.

This will guarantee an unforgettable steamy break!

4. Wrap it up

Sanitation is important when using adult toys at home and on holiday.

Prepare your items for travel by wrapping them up in re-sealable plastic bags. This stops them from being covered in annoying dust and beach-sand and also prevents contamination during handling.

Don’t forget to pack your toy cleaner too, to ensure no holiday time is wasted on cleaning.

5. Better safe than sorry

If your holiday destination requires air travel, then spare some caution when packing.

It’s preferred that all toys and products are packed into your checked-in luggage as this will spare you from embarrassment should you get stopped at security and searched.

If you must pack items in your hand luggage, then remember your liquid limitations for lube or toy cleaners.

Liquids must be in a container under 100ml in capacity and only a maximum of 10 containers are allowed.

6. Buzz kill

No one wants to go through the awkwardness of a buzzing suitcase at check-in, so to prevent situations like these you should remove all batteries before packing in your vibrating toys.

This will also save you time and your dignity should the airline request that you remove all batteries that interfere with onboard restrictions.

You can easily buy more batteries at your destination in the event that they do get confiscated.

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