The only sinking feeling you’ll get at the Titanic Spa will be when taking a dip in the large, square pool.

It’s run out of a snazzy converted Edwardian textile mill in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and prides itself on being the first spa in the UK to ban single use plastics.

A friend and I are here for an overnight stay. We arrive mid-morning, our bags are swiftly dispatched to our room and an immaculately made-up receptionist hands us each a waffle robe to slip into (in trademark gunmetal grey).


First, we head to the spa bistro for a cuppa to revive us after the drive from Manchester. Single-use plastic has been banned here for more than a year now – so if you want a coffee, it comes in a proper china cup: there are no take-away paper versions, with their almost impossible-to-recycle plastic lids.

There are no plastic bottles of water on site or plastic cups. All the drinking fountains come with little paper cones instead. And rather than the disposable flip-flops so many spas give to guests on arrival – plastic, wrapped in yet more plastic – here you get a pair of soft cotton slippers.

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All the water at Titanic comes from its own natural spring, the building is solar powered and the laundry is done on site. But there’s no shortage of hot water – or icy cold water, for that matter. We brave a 15-second dunk each in the ‘revitalising’ plunge pool, then beat a hasty retreat to the aromatherapy steam room. 

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We stay in one of Titanic’s elegant and airy duplex apartments, with a double room each upstairs and a fully kitted kitchen and living room downstairs.

The plastic-free ethos is only apparent in the lack of the usual trappings in the bathroom: no toothpaste, toothbrush, cottonbuds or shrink-wrapped shower cap, although you do still get shampoo and shower gel.

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So this is eco chic without compromising an inch. 

-Daily Mail