Being an Insta-celeb has become something that people all over the world are trying to become due to the lavish lifestyle the title seems to come with. South Africa has quite a few Insta-celebs but we never get to see how their lives are behind the Instagram posts. 

But thanks to SABC 1 we will now be able to see all the behind the scenes action in their new show that follows South Africa most popular Insta-celebs. 

Instapreneurs is a docu-reality show that brings South Africa’s most followed social media influencers and personalities to the television screen. 

Thick Leeyonce (c) Instagram

From Thick Leeyonce, Chef Nti, Mihlali N and Dj Doowap, we follow instapreneurs and twelebs on a day on the grind and curate the content that has generated the influencer status for them. 

We find out how they came to be, what inspires them and what keeps their social media pages fresh. 

Each week the show will follow a Insta-celeb as they consult clients, take selfie faux pas and create the very content that has given them a large following. 

Whether it’s a foodie (food blogger) or a chef, a model, an inventor, a stylist, or an artist – the show looks into their lives, to find out what inspires them, how they rose to fame, and what keeps them fresh. 


Here’s a snnippet of what you can expect: 

Episode 1: Chef Nti – 190k followers

Chef nti is a professional  chef who runs an experienced based restaurant in Maboneng. In this episode of Instapreneurs, we follow the glamorous and oh so tasteful life of Nthabiseng Ramaboa,  also known as Chef Nti as she shows us that there’s more to life than her delicious dishes.

(c) Instagram

Episode 2:  Siya Dzenga – over 157k followers

Siya is a qualified digital brand strategist and blogger. In this episode of Instapreneurs, we get a glimpse into the life of Siya Dzenga also known as Siya Bunny, a young woman who hails all the way from the Eastern Cape and is now one of the most admired events strategists on Instagram.

Episode 3: Legends Barber – over 293k followers

Sheldon Tatchell is the founder of Legends Barber  shop, a mens grooming shop with over 10 branches across the country. From Kwesta to The Major League Dj’s, there’s no barber in South Africa who has more followers than Sheldon. Join us as we find out how this man cut and trimmed his way to the top.

Episode 4:  Eat and Tell – 103k followers

Su and Chris are an Instagram couple that travels the globe and blogs about their lifestyle experiences ranging from food and hotels to test driving various vehicles. Su and Chris also known as Eat and Tell show us that there’s more to couple goals than Instagram captions.

Episode 5:  Mihlali Ndamase – over 700k followers

Mihlali is a social media influencer, certified makeup artist and Youtuber who works with major brands across the world. A leap of faith gave Mihlali over 8.1 million viewers on Youtube, but will this beauty sensation take the jump and face her fear of heights?

(c) Instagram

Episode 6: Kwenzi Mngoma – over 19k followers

Kwenzi is a Durban based qualified sangoma whose clientele spans all the corners of the globe. In this episode of Instapreneurs we meet Sangoma to slay queens, Kwenzi who is also known as Glam Dlozi as she practices her ancestral calling whilst maintaining her style.

Episode 7: Orapeleng Modutle – 101k followers

Orapeleng is the founder of Orapeleng Modutle. Style Avenue and the 2018 Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Young creatives.

(c) Instagram

Episode 8: Masego Kunupi – 105k followers

Masego is a certified makeup artist, nail technician and founder of Chique Beauty. She has featured in various shows across SABC as beauty advisor and travels the country giving makeup master classes.