Coca-cola has added an extra kick to their staple soft drink with the company announcing the release of their own energy drink.

South Africans will be the first to try the new drink as it has not been released anywhere else on the continent. 

Stephan Czypionka the Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa said due to the rise of demand for energy drinks, Coca-Cola had to create their own. 

“People want choices in what they drink, including new options in the energy category which is one of the fastest-growing categories in the non-alcoholic ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverage industry. As a total beverage company, The Coca-Cola Company is launching Coca-Cola Energy to meet this demand,” said Czypionka. 

The company promises that the drink still tastes like the original Coca-Cola but has added ingredients including naturally sourced caffeine, guarana extracts, B vitamins, and no taurine.

“Coca-Cola Energy provides a great Coca-Cola taste and feeling that people already know and love, with caffeine from naturally-derived sources, B vitamins, and guarana extract. It also has great sweet and sour, fruity notes,” explained Czypionka. 

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As we all know that energy drinks are said to be unhealthy, Czypionka said all the ingredients that are contained in Coca-Cola Energy are assessed as safe by recognised international bodies and suitable for use in the product. 

“As with all our products, we recommend that Coca-Cola Energy be consumed in moderation and according to specified recommendations on the label,” he added. 

Coca-Cola energy is perfect for millennial’s who need a little push here and there because we all know how stressful life can get. 

The energy drink will be available in 300ml packs in all major retailers at the recommended selling price of R14.99.