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You know who loves animals? Anyone who isn’t a heartless monster.

Since I fall into this category, I have done others of the same disposition the favour of looking for the most adorable organic beings ever, owned by celebs. Cuteness alert.

1. Elma Smit, Tigger and Kermit.

Hand over the whisky, human. (Yes, we’re already in bed. W clinking glasses #adultingrulessometimes )

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I love cats. I wanna cuddle every one of them that I see on the street, and TV presenter and DJ Elma Smit gets to have TWO of them? Something must be done about this outrage!

According to their human, they were adopted from a shelter. Tigger is aggressive and playful, while her little brother is a bit more playful, docile and has an adorable, squeaky meow.

Elma, I’m stealing your kitties and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.

2. J Something and Charlie Brown

A celebrity dog who can even operate a phone to the point where he has an Instagram account. Charlie Brown’s person, Mi Casa vocalist, J Something has mastered the art of doggo training.

Super awesome phone skills aside, Charlie Brown is just the most adorable bulldog in the universe. Just look at him.

I’ve never been a morning person… Don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

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He even has his own Instagram. He probably even takes his own…

I know it looks like we chilling but siyavota lapha … #MAMAvote #bestgroup @micasamusic

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3. Bertus Basson, Snoek, Patat, Bone and Spek

One or two doggos? Pretty standard. Three doggos? Nothing major. Three doggos and a pig? That’s Bertus Basson.

Think about it for a moment: one of the country’s best-known chefs… has a fully grown pet pig that is not being eaten.

What’s the word for that again?


Thanks, JackSepticEye.

4. Pearl Thusi and Maya, Smokey, Marley and Sarah

Morning walks / runs with @pearlthusi ❤️

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Now, you may be thinking: “There are only three dogs in that Instagram post, and four names are mentioned,” well, that’s because cats don’t get walked by their people.

USarah u-jump ama-fence . 😂👌🏾 #catsofinstagram #cat #sarah #pet #love

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That’s right, people. Pearl Thusi (no intro needed) has three dogs and a cat. They, too, have their own Instagram account.

Do celebrities take so many pictures and videos of their cats that they need an entirely separate account for them?

Anyone with Instagram accounts of their pets that can debunk this? It’s really bugging me.

5. Mapaseka “Pasi” Koetle and Juke

Probably the most ordinary pet on this list by comparison. Instagram account aside.

Scandal actress, Pasi Koetle is the proud person in charge of Juke, the adorable Jack Russell Terrier.

My name is Juke 🐶

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According to his Instagram account, Juke is not much for speaking, and only does so to say: his name, what he is (a dog), what he’s doing, and what/who he loves.

Photoshoot things

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Now that our list is concluded, please excuse me as I go and cry in a corner over my lack of a furry companion.

Cherish your pets, folks.


-Tyler Roodt