With only one sleep left until the Vodacom Durban July (some people won’t even sleep) it is the only thing anyone is talking about. 

People attending are all trying to put the final touches on their looks and some procrastinators are only just looking for their outfits now. 
The Greyville Racecourse where the event takes place annually is already filled with marquees and it is clear that company’s have gone all out yet again for this prestigious event. 
South Africa – Durban – 01 July 2019 – L-R is Nabu Kadima (Karen Monk Klijntra designs ) Head Honcho (Horse), Naledi Morolong (Eli Ball designs) and Alucha Jevu (Groom) preparing for the Vodacom Durban July (VDJ) 2019 at Summerveld, Durban.
Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng/African News Agency(ANA)
People are so excited that #DurbanJuly2019 is already among the top trends for the day. But a number of the people attending are worried about where they will be parking. 
Here are the official arrangements for parking in the Greyville Racecourse on Saturday
The entry point for all golf course parking is off DLI Avenue from the city side only. According to the Vodacom Durban July website, this will be the only entrance to the parking area. 
Entry through this point applies to:
  • Members “Blue dot” Computicket parking ticket holders. 
  • All other holders of “Blue Dot” parking tickets. 
  • “Red Dot” Computicket parking tickets. 
In order to ensure easy access into the golf course, parking areas ensure that you have your parking ticket available before you reach the DLI city side subway. 
The parking area has been divided into parking cells and each cell will be parked until full before the next is opened. Instructors will be available to guide you to your designated parking point.
All parking and traffic procedures will be under the strict control of the Metro Police Force, the SA Police and the Event Private Security and attendees are urged to co-operate fully with them.
No parking tickets will be sold for this area at the Greyville racecourse on the day. 

Key points: 
  • Be patient when approaching Greyville Racecourse.
  • Have your parking ticket ready to show the Police, Security or Parking Attendant.
  • Listen to members of the Police Force.
  • Follow the appropriate BLUE and RED signs.
  • Once inside the golf course please park where you are directed in order to avoid blocking pre-planned thoroughfares.