It doesn’t matter how many expensive cosmetics you own – getting the perfect finish is all about technique, which is something many of us struggle with. 

But you don’t have to be an expert make-up artist to achieve a flawless look at home, if you have the right tricks in your arsenal.  

Ahead of a make-up masterclass with celebrity favourite Mario Dedivanovic, experts from Laura Mercier have revealed their secrets to achieving your most radiant look. 

It all starts with the perfect canvas, and to keep skin looking smooth and hydrated, the pros advise you start by mixing your moisturiser with a drop of facial oil – and then following the simple steps below. 

Think ahead with a primer 

Achieving the finish you want is all down to the right primer. Use a radiance booster if you’re looking to highlight your natural glow, but go for a primer that contains Hyaluronic acid if you want to maintain hydration in your skin. 

As we age so does our skin, but our natural levels of Hyaluronic acid deplete, meaning we turn to moisturisers in order to prevent our skin from getting dry. 

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Use different primers for different areas in order to get a ‘bespoke base’ for your foundation – for example, apply a matte base if you’re keen to avoid an oily T-zone.


It’s tempting to apply layers upon layers of thick product, but be careful with over-applying foundation. 

Sponges are the perfect make-up tool to help you avoid doing just that as they are designed to contour and hug every angle of the face.  

Applying your foundation in thin layers will maximise coverage and help you achieve that flawless finish to your skin. 

Blend your foundation inwards from the cheekbones to avoid over-applying and use power if you’re after a matte finish.

Alternatively, a loose setting power and a velour brush will ‘set down’ your foundation and help to minimise pores. 

Highlight to add dimension 

There’s nothing like highlighter to add some ‘luminous dimensions’ to your makeup. 

Using a contoured powder brush, apply to the cheek, jaw and bridge of the nose for a subtle yet polished finish.

As luminous skin really steals the show, you could also opt for a brighter look by applying the highlighter to your eyes or lips. 

Make a statement 

To achieve a mysterious smoky eye, choose a dark colour and keep the intensity at the base of the lashes. Gently smudge the product with a small eyeshadow brush and voilà.

Complete your look with a bold lip. While many choose red, don’t be scared to add a pop of hot pink or orange – it’ll make sure you stand out from the crowd. 

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