With a deep understanding of consumers and the way that they live their lives, Futurelife has re-launched their Smart Oats and Ancient Grains ranges – because everything in life has changed so why not your oats?

What the smart breakfast choice brings to the table now is whole grain, fibre and protein while low in added sugar, and this winter the new Smart Oats range and Ancient Grains – with 38% less sugar – is a delicious, comforting and healthy breakfast solution for the family.


Smart Oats and Ancient Grains are a source of protein and are high in fibre – very important in winter as we tend to eat fewer fruits and vegetables. It is also enriched with 43 nutrients and boasts the inclusion of functional ingredients such as Moducare, which balances and supports your immune system.

Futurelife introduces new ‘Smart Oats’ with ancient grains, and we got to taste it. Picture by Nqobile Mbonambi.

When consuming high sugar content in your first meal of the day, blood sugar spikes, then drops signalling to your brain that it needs more sugar. This can lead to a vicious cycle throughout the day of blood sugar highs and lows, which affects energy levels and concentration. Futurelife Smart Oats and Ancient Grains will keep your family energised and full until lunchtime.


A healthy breakfast is a key meal to make sure that children, as well as adults, can function well throughout the day, so go ahead and give this one a try. 

-Adapted from a press release