Each generation has been associated with a particular trait/ characteristic. The era of the Industrial Revolution witnessed the rise of inventors and visionaries.

In the era of the millennial, however, we’ve been the catalysts of global communication. Millennials are quite vocal and public about our thoughts and sentiments. Social media platforms exist solely because of the power of the millennial.

Sometimes the way millennials handle situations is enough to drive older generations over the wall, tearing at their hair.

Sorry, not sorry but there are certain #ThingsWeWillNotStopDoing.

7 things to get used to. Better late than never.

1. The struggle is real.

Yep, data must fall before parents start understanding the mechanisms of smartphones. 😳 Shucks, they already do. We need to close ranks and re-strategise!

2. I don’t care how old you think I am.

When I am at my childhood home, I am six years old again.

3. Don’t tell me to get off my phone.

I am an important person. Geez.


4. Sleeping is VERY important.

TIP: If you need to wake up a millennial, note that you do so at your own risk. No millennial will be held responsible for the aftermath.

5. We work ‘best’ under pressure.

“So glad I left this for last minute,” said nobody ever.

6.🐠🐠🐠 Goldfish Complex Forever

Small things amuse small… is that a brownie?

7. There is an allegiance to nostalgia.

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We know you can relate to at least one of these things!

It is what makes us… well… who we are.


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