Ever heard the saying, there is so much month at the end of my salary? Well, that is a way to describe the plight of millions of young people who have either started out on a job or have been working for sometime. This is when one’s salary is too inadequate to cover one’s monthly needs.

According to Debt Rescue 76,58 % of all South Africans are flat broke before the end of the month.

Tasmin Ali, Insights Initiative Leader at Metropolitan Retail said that the reason why most people are broke soon after payday is that they have a ‘spend now, save later’ mentality and also don’t have a clearly defined financial plan. 


“By being savvier with your salary, you can make your paycheque last until the next payday AND still save for life goals like an overseas trip, new car or even just being able to retire comfortably,” Ali said.

Here are some tips to help you beat the payday blues:

The 50/20/30 formula. What this means is that 50% of your income should be spent on living expenses(medication, electricity, car repayments, rent and groceries), 20% on savings (you don’t have to start with a big amount, but rather what you can afford, even if it is as little as R100) with the remaining 30% being your disposable income (cellphone data, takeaways and clothes)


Make some adjustments to your spending so your money stretches.

Limit the number of times a week you buy lunch and instead make your own.

Cut down on how often you go out for drinks after work.


Ditch designer brands, opting instead for more affordable items.

Making small changes to the way you spend your salary can pay off and keep the post-payday blues away.

-Adapted from a press release