We all know that prevention is better than cure, especially when it comes to colds and ‘flu during the cooler months. 

The good news is that our bodies are designed to fight off infections, but in order for our bodies to keep us healthy and infection free, we need to maintain a strong immune system. Instead of turning to supplements, why not incorporate a natural detox to your daily routine as a way to boost your immune system?


Keep fighting fit

Clearing your body of toxins and unhealthy substances is the first step to boosting your immune system. Adding cleansing ingredients to your diet will reduce the amount of toxins your organs are processing and will allow them to protect your body from illness instead. This will also allow you to absorb immune boosting nutrients, like Vitamin C, faster.

Natural cleansing ingredients, such as Buchu, can be used long-term with no side effects, allowing you to maintain your overall health year-round.

Buchu grows only in the Western Cape of South Africa and is well-known for its incredible health properties. Buchu boasts natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which assist in keeping infections and inflammation at bay. It also has significant diuretic effects which helps flush out harmful toxins.

“Winter throws us a few challenges in terms of staying healthy. Maintaining an optimum immune system is key to fighting off colds and flu. Gentle detox practices can assist in restoring a weakened immune system. Give your body the best chance of fighting off winter nasties by incorporating Buchu into your daily routine,” said Cape Kingdom Managing Director Karin McCann.

Treating deeper conditions

Buchu has been linked to a host of medicinal benefits. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and diuretic amongst others.

Inflammation is a known source or trigger of a range of lifestyle threatening ailments. Buchu-based products  assist in managing inflammatory levels which may in turn help prevent or manage these ailments. 


It also helps to maintain healthy blood-sugar levels, lowers blood pressure and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.

-Adapted from a press release