Source: Jonas Svidras

Skin guru Sarah Chapman has offered some easy – and most importantly free – tips for radiant skin, involving nothing more fancy than pinching, prodding and tapping your face.

The skincare expert, who is thought to be behind Meghan Markle’s flawless complexion, and also treats Victoria Beckham, has claimed her ‘sculpting massage’ is the secret to achieving a rosy glow.

She insists rubbing your knuckles over your jawline will help you beat spots and sagging skin by stimulating blood circulation and the lymphatic system that helps remove toxins, delivering a clearer, more contoured look.

For puffy eyes you should squeeze the eyebrows to ease tension and ‘give a bit of an eye lift’, she says, as well as pinching around the area to ‘plump up the surface’. And for dull skin, she advises pinching and tapping all over to stimulate blood flow and achieve a rosy glow.

She also recommended having Omega supplements or eating oily fish and flax seeds, wearing SPF every day to protect against UV damage and using Vitamin C serum along with cleanser and moisturiser daily.