It is very important that the current youth define their own destiny and mission, but emulate the courageous youth of 1976.

It is only the youth that can stand up and reject any form of subjection, such as state capture and rampant corruption from criminals parading as leaders – misleaders.

The current youth are facing more social challenges than only the political ones.

We are faced with the “nyaope generation”, where the majority of our talented youth give in to either alcohol or drugs, which causes physical and psychological harm to our children.

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Research has proven that we have passive citizenry, unlike in the liberation movement period.

The year 1976, just like 1960, was a special period in our liberation struggle. This year, 2017, can also be a special year for the politics of this country.

There are lot of wrongs being perpetrated in the country, with no helpful intervention.

The youth can stop the current shenanigans because law-enforcement agencies have failed dismally to combat corruption.

It is so disappointing to read about corruption every day through almost every media outlet, but nothing is done to punish the perpetrators. In fact, these criminals are competing by stealing public resources.

Our law enforcement agencies are used to fighting the governing party’s factional battles.

The youth should stand up and fight for themselves, because surely this is corruption.

Kenneth Mokgatlhe
PAC spokesperson

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