Kim Kardashian West learned how to “negotiate” from her mother.

The 38-year-old reality star says she’s been “very fortunate” to have her mother Kris Jenner by her side as her manager since she began her career, because she was always too “insecure” to negotiate deals for herself, and credits her mother with helping her to gain that confidence.

She said: “I am very fortunate that my mom and I have worked together from the very beginning of my career. She is the best negotiator, and that’s always been her role. I didn’t have that loud personality in the beginning that allowed me to negotiate for myself. I was really insecure about how to negotiate for myself, and so I would always look to her to show me how to do that for myself.” 

Now, the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star believes she’d be “very confident” in tackling negotiations by herself, as she’s “learned so much” throughout her career.

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She added: “Now I think I’d be very confident in doing that for myself, but it’s always a learning curve. So what I would suggest to someone at the beginning of their career is to start off by saying yes to everything. I felt like there was power in learning from everything and trying it all … Now of course I look back, and although I love that phase of my life and I learned so much going through it, I wish I’d had the confidence to say ‘no’ to things I didn’t believe in.” 

And that confidence is a trait she’d love to instil in her children – North, five, Saint, three, Chicago, 13 months, and a fourth child on the way – whom she has with husband Kanye West.

Speaking to Elle magazine, she said: “I would love to teach that to my kids, and my friends, and my younger sisters. Just stay true to who you are in your career and stand up for what you believe in when negotiating.”

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