Image: Pexels

The University of Limpopo has suspended a Geography lecturer for alleged sexual harassment of female students at the institution.

In a statement the University said, “The university views these allegations as serious for they compromise the image of the Institution and hinders the smooth process of quality teaching and learning.

“The Harassment Policy strongly condemns any form of sexual harassment, and any person who feels that she or he has been sexually harassed may lodge a complaint with the management of the university.”

According to reports, a group of female students reported the lecturer

Some people felt the suspension came too late as students had allegedly been complaining about the lecturer for some time. 

Most students have so many years being exploited, violated, victimized and some ended up changing Degrees and others ended up dropping out! This is a step too late and I feel sorry for all those students who once reported the matters and nothing was done.

African News Agency (ANA)