CEO of the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP), Leah Manenzhe is at the helm of an organisation that ensures prudent, compliant and efficient financial, accounting and supply chain services.
GEP promotes, fosters and develops small enterprises in Gauteng thereby implementing the policy of the Gauteng Provincial Government for small enterprise development.
Manenzhe has spent 17 years of her impressive career in the public sector, where she continues to use her wide-ranging skills to contribute to the transformation and growth of the African economy. 

“Making it to the shortlist [of 100 TYI SADC 2018 initiative] is an amazing milestone; such recognition must not be taken for granted. They must continue doing what they do, and always seek new ways of making themselves better. They have involved themselves in various roles and that was a personal choice. 
The fact that their personal choices are being recognised as impacting others can only mean one thing, they are activist servants, and perhaps are 80% close to living their full purpose. They must celebrate their achievement, and never forget to give thanks to the giver of all talents,” Manenzhe asserts. 
She has held various senior management positions ranging from Acting Executive for New Business Development at the City of Johannesburg, where she was responsible for revenue generation and SMME development, with a focus on women and youth-owned companies. 
She moved on to join the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture as Chief Director Inter-Governmental Relations (IGR), and Strategic Partnerships and subsequently moved to the Gauteng Department of Economic Development as Chief Director for IGR, Special Projects, Strategic Partnerships and International Relations. In addition, she has also served as a board member at Constitutional Hill. 
More importantly, Manenzhe is known for her leadership skills, turnaround strategies, and her ability to develop and nurture talent. The knowledge seeker adapts very well to diverse environments and is able to build winning teams for maximum effectiveness.  
Source: Twitter/ Gauteng Eco Dev


Manenzhe advises young people to jealously guard their integrity; do the right thing all the time even when no one is watching, and be diligent in everything they do. 
“The joy that comes from serving others can never be measured. All their contributions continue to shape Africa. They can’t stop,” she explains. 
Equally important, Manenzhe is a member of the Institute of Directors South Africa (IoDSA) and has qualifications in Public Relations, Project Management, Sales and Marketing and Principles of Law.  
Manenzhe’s advice to youth who are part of the 100 TYI SADC initiative is for them to bear in mind that leadership has its own challenges. “They must keep in mind that they are but human, and will make mistakes. They will have to learn to forgive themselves and others, and take lessons from all their experiences (both good and bad),” she concludes.
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