Can you honestly say you know what turns men off in bed? We’ll let you think about it.

Tracey Cox asked a selection of men (of different ages, some single, some married or in a relationship) what were the things they most hated women doing in bed and they weren’t backward in coming forward.

Some answers were predictable (faking it), others not so much (pulling at his penis like you’re pulling up a carrot). All make for fascinating reading.

So, here it is. Men’s sex turn-offs – in their own words (A longer list is available on Daily Mail.)

Baby talk 

‘Talking in cutesy voices and calling me by my pet name. Out of bed, it can be fun but baby talk during sex never is.’

‘My ex used to grab hold of my limp penis and say ‘Look at the little widdle’. Then she’d wonder why I didn’t want to have sex with her.’


Pretending to like sex when you don’t  

‘It happens all the time. She’s all over you at the start, willing to try anything and talking about how much she loves having sex with you. Fast forward six months and it’s like you’re in bed with another person. My partner told me straight out that she doesn’t have any interest in orgasms, with me or alone, a year into the relationship. She told me she had no interest in sex – and never has. What am I supposed to do with this?’

Overdoing the theatrics  

‘I slept with one girl who was moaning and groaning like a porn star within two minutes of kissing. I was like “Really? All I’ve done is kiss your neck for two minutes.” It’s patronizing when women over do it. It’s not believable. Sure, the male ego needs stroking but we’re not idiots. We know we’re not that good.’

Not willing to experiment 

“She wouldn’t even let me give her oral sex. What’s the point of having sex if it doesn’t include oral sex? Women who won’t stray from missionary are just as bad.”

“I like being tied up. It’s my ‘thing’. I don’t think that’s too out there or kinky so why won’t she indulge me? She doesn’t have to love it but she should at least try it.”

Women who lack body confidence 

‘She has to be coaxed out from under the sheets. Ten minutes of complimenting and begging for her to let me see her naked. It’s not worth it – I’d rather watch porn and masturbate. I don’t understand why three years in, she’s still like this. Doesn’t she trust me? It makes me so frustrated.’

‘Confidence is sexy. Everyone knows that. If she’s so timid, you can’t even leave the lights on or get her out from under the covers, you know the sex is going to be mediocre at best.’


Loo roll where it shouldn’t be 

‘Some answers were predictable (faking it), others not so much (pulling at his penis like you’re pulling up a carrot),’ sex expert Tracey Cox writes

‘Who wants to give oral sex to a woman when there’s bits of loo roll stuck to everything. My friends said it happens to them as well. It’s good to wash before sex but use a towel to dry yourself afterward. Please!’

Bad Kissers

‘There was way, way too much action with her tongue. She’d twirl it around and around in a circle inside my mouth, first one way then the other. Her tongue must have ached afterward, it was done with such force. After that, she’d make it stiff and kind of thrust it down my throat in a stabbing motion. The first time I kissed her, I nearly burst out laughing because I thought she was kidding. Once, I dared to suggest it was weird and she got really offended. I think she thought she was a great kisser.’

Too clingy, too soon 

‘I find it alarming when you sleep with a woman and the next day you wake up, she’s got your future mapped out. Having sex with someone doesn’t mean you’re automatically going out. Men don’t like clingy girls. Being too romantic, reading too much into things too early, isn’t appealing to most men.’

Bad body odour 

‘She took off her top and the smell nearly knocked me out. I felt physically sick. She knew we’d be having sex that night. Would it have killed her to have a shower and put on some clothes that had been recently washed?’

‘Women have it much easier than men because at least his penis is external and there’s lots of air circulating. When we give you oral sex it’s a confined space and if you don’t smell great, it’s pretty revolting for us.’


Being too bossy 

‘I’m not sure what’s worse. A woman who gives you no feedback at all or someone who instructs and corrects your every move. I slept with one girl once who seriously spoke to me like I’d never given oral sex before in my life. It’s emasculating.’

‘She might as well have held a score card up at the end of it. I knew it was a really bad score, too. The next time we had sex, I couldn’t even get an erection.’

Faking orgasm 

“Every man knows women fake it, but I associate it with casual sex. I certainly don’t expect a long-term partner to. What is the point? If she fakes orgasm, how am I supposed to learn what really gets her off? It’s senseless.”

Talking too much  

‘I don’t mind that she talks a lot generally. I’m not a talker, so it doesn’t bother me. But I find so irritating when she keeps talking while we’re having sex. I wouldn’t mind if she talked about sex and how good it felt or talked dirty. But she talks about normal s***, day to day things. Like we’re sitting having coffee, talking about what day we’ve had. It’s bizarre.’


-Daily Mail