Miss South Africa hopeful Bianca Schoombee found herself in a lot of trouble when her old offensive tweets resurfaced on Twitter. 
The tweets dating back to 2014 resurfaced as the SYNC model was gaining traction for her Miss SA application. 
The offensive tweets started trending, sparking a debate regarding whether Schoombee should be forgiven because she was a teenager when posting the tweets. 

Schoombee then took to her social media to apologise for her tweets writing, “Good morning SA, inlight of recent event[s] regarding my tweets from 6 years ago, when I was 14 years old, I would like to profusely apologize for putting it out into the universe then.”
She continued, “I would like to make you all aware that I have grown as a person, this is no longer who I am or what I stand for.”  
Some south Africans did not accept the apology though as #Biancamustfall started trending. Soon after that Schoombee was no longer available on Twitter. 

People prompted that we must all learn from the Schoombee situation. 

The official Miss SA account also released a statement regarding the 2020 campaign and in it Miss SA CEO, Stephanie Weil is quoted saying, “There is good governance in place to ensure that Miss South Africa finalists and semi-finalists align with our values. 
Our rules state that any semi-finalist or finalist may not have been involved in any unsavoury or unethical incidents or conduct that may bring the organisers or the Miss South Africa pageant into dispute.”