Mother’s Day on May 13th is right around the corner. It’s a day when many children, young and old, are frantically buying up all the fluffy slippers and gowns that Woolworths has to offer.


Not good enough! We need to remember that not all mothers fit into a mommy mould. Mothers today are vastly different from one another.

There are mothers who would love nothing but sleep on their special day, because they are absolutely exhausted, or mothers who love to be pampered, mothers who just want to play video games, foodie mothers, mothers who enjoy wine, adrenaline junkie mothers, and working mothers who are simply craving quality time.

So why not treat your mother or mother figure to something that is quintessentially her?

We’ve put together the ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for every type of mum:

For the mother who loves food

Here we’re talking about the mother who enjoys the eating part more than they enjoy the preparing part. Why not treat mom to a meal out on Mother’s Day?

This is beneficial to everyone because no one has to cook! It’s best to book now already as many of the top restaurants fill up very quickly around special occasions. Protea Hotels has a few extra special Mother’s Day lunches and brunches planned around the country.

For the mother who loves to travel

Speaking of hotels – if your mother enjoys a breakaway every now and then, consider treating her to an escape of sorts. Book her into a hotel or a trendy Airbnb and give her some time to rest and relax a bit.

For the mother who loves to read

We’re not talking about Mills and Boon here – if your mom is into that, maybe let her buy that for herself. If your mom doesn’t have any more space for new books, then perhaps consider an e-reader. This way she can keep all her books in one place.

For the mother who loves to cook

MasterChef has brought out the inner chef in many of us. If your mom fancies herself a whiz in the kitchen and you are keen on getting her an appliance that she has always wanted, then check out what Teljoy can offer you. If your mom is somewhat quirky, definitely look for some cool kitchen toys such as a Loch Ness Monster soup ladle or a carrot sharpener.

For the mother who loves a good binge watch

Everyone loves a good binge-watching session. If your mom’s favourite downtime is watching hours and hours of Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black or anything else, then she deserves a TV of her own to watch it on. A TV that’s all hers.

A smart TV is a good choice for moms who want to stream off Netflix or ShowMax. Can’t afford it? Try a rent-to-own option. Otherwise, purchase a box set of her favourite TV series and let her enjoy the laughs and cries that her show of choice gives her.

For the mother who loves animals, nature and good music

The Joburg Zoo is hosting a fantastic Mother’s Day event on 13 May. You can expect live music, delicious food, kids’ activities and so much more. Pack some of mom’s favourite treats in a picnic basket and enjoy the day out. You can also check out Airbnb Experiences for some unique outdoor activities that any nature-loving mom would appreciate. Or take your mother on a trip to Cape Point and enjoy walks along the shipwreck trail.

For the mother who loves to give back

Maybe your mother is the type of person who, while she loves getting presents, wants to ensure that the present also gives back in some way. Whether it’s through buying a Relate bracelet to support a range of great causes, or by doing a social impact experience, there are many unique and inspiring ways to give back this Mother’s Day.

For the mother who loves tech and gadgets

If your mom is into tech and gadgets and perhaps all things geeky, then it would be worthwhile looking at getting your mother something like a smartwatch or perhaps Star Wars paraphernalia. If your mother loves gaming, find out what her favourite game of all time is and buy her something that represents that – whether it be the actual game or something to do with the game, she will appreciate the extra thought given.

For the mother who loves to be pampered

A spa treatment is always a winner on Mother’s Day. The Arabella Hotel & Spa in Kleinmond in the Western Cape has one of the most highly rated spas in the area while the spa at the Mount Grace Country House and Spa is ideally located for those moms wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the Big Smoke.


There is no excuse for getting the wrong gift this year! Get your mother something that will speak to who she is as a person – and not just a mother – and it will earn you brownie points for life.