Mosa Leteane is not one to shy away from uncomfortable issues, like social justice, leadership and gender equality.

She is very aware that she lives in a society with an unresolved past heading into a future in desperate need of honest, collaborative leadership. So she decided to do something about it.

At the University of the Free State, where she is studying law, she was prime of the NJ van der Merwe residence, the marketing officer of the Golden Key Society, and an executive committee member of the student representative council (SRC).

In 2014 she became the first black female to be elected SRC president of the university. She had no political party affiliation and made it clear she was not representing a specific group, but rather the entire student body. She meant business.

Registration fees were waived, inter-varsity racism was addressed, an SRC bank account was opened to raise funds for disadvantaged students, and a formal review of the university’s language policy was launched.

She has completed her term as president but her words prevail: “We are the future leaders of this country and the sooner we learn to get along and find common ground, the easier it will be to face the challenges in our country.”