Netfix released a version of You without the voiceover of Penn Badgley as Joe, and it has left fans seeing the character in a creepier light than before. 

The thriller series, which premiered on Netflix in December after first airing on Lifetime, includes voiceovers from cyberstalker and murdering boyfriend Joe so the viewers can have insight inside his mind. 

But Netflix decided to debut a clip from the series on Monday without Joe’s voiceovers to show just how creepy the character was acting throughout the show.

The clip showed a couple of prominent scenes from the series that included long strands of conversation going on in Joe’s mind. But without the voiceovers, it appeared Joe was sitting in awkward silence for uncomfortable lengths of time.  

During the clip, the video jokingly states: ‘For someone so obsessed with keeping a relationship alive, Joseph…there’s a lot of dead air.’  

‘Wow awkward silence is right,’ one viewer commented on the Netflix clip. ‘Thanks for pointing that out.’ 

Viewers couldn’t get over how different the series was when Joe’s voiceover was not incorporated into the scene.  

Instead, it just showed how much silence was between him and the characters around him.  

A fan pointed out that the scene should be awkward whether there is a voiceover or not because of who Joe is as a person. ‘It’s awkward anyway he’s a stalker,’ the viewer wrote in a tweet. 

An issue people had with the series was some viewers’ strange attraction to Joe despite his obvious character flaws, such as feeling the need to kill people associated with his girlfriend. 

Fans thought Joe without voiceovers helped sell the creepy factor of the character so people wouldn’t feel attracted to him. 

‘This is the version we should have watched so no one would have developed a crush on Joe,’ one fan wrote. ‘We would have seen how creepy and awkward he really is.’ 

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The Twitter account for You responded to Netflix’s tweet, writing: ‘Joe not saying or thinking creepy things is the blessing we all needed.’

Netflix’s You and the character of Joe is anticipated to return for a second season after the positive response from viewers about the thriller show. 

-Daily Mail