Nomuzi Mabena, professionally known as Moozlie has partnered with the most daring champagne, G.H. Mumm to celebrate her next victory and defy expectations as she features in a content series on VICE – created by and for a connected generation.

As the first South African female hip hop mogul to be featured on the internationally acclaimed VICE platform, Moozlie is giving a glimpse into her most celebrated victories. 

Recognised as South Africa’s daring achiever, she joins an exclusive group of worldwide high fliers that Maison Mumm has selected to be featured in a VICE piece that sheds a light on their momentous journeys. 

As a rapper, record label owner and female icon Moozlie is challenging South Africans to push boundaries, summit challenges and celebrate their next victories, like she has done and continues to do.

For Moozlie, allowing other female artists to pursue their next victories is important to her: “I wanted to start a business that can empower other artists. Sometimes if you can’t get a seat at the table, you have to start your own table.”

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Moozlie had a first-hand experience at G.H. Mumm’s official vineyard in Reims, France where she filmed the documentary and also had a chance to mingle with Master of Celebrations, Minnie Dlamini-Jones and Chief Entertainment Officer Usain Bolt who collectively embody dare, win, celebrate.

VICE, as a media platform, is a global dynamite that is fearless in its pursuit of telling stories and highlighting the most daring victors in everyday life. The unique pairing between Maison Mumm and VICE sees two global brands create compelling and exciting avant-garde content that is gutsy and pushes its audiences to experience world class storytelling.

As part of the African Mumm squad, Moozlie through her music and television persona carries a bold approach to life that sets her apart from her peers. 

For this world premiere these selected high fliers : Nomuzi, Usain Bolt, Kate Peck, Kyle Ford, Mariya Nishiuchi, Kevin Rolland, Octave de gaulle, Ryan Babenzein, Jean Francois Clervoy, Blair Tuke are showcasing just what it means to soar above the rest and through their triumphs, continuously push beyond their limits.

To see the interviews check them out on the Vice website.

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