“Yes, free education is a basic need but it shouldn’t start with universities.”

Matric has definitely made me a better version of myself but I’m so glad that it’s finally over, says Kiara Sudama


One single word that brings a thousand emotions.

The last 12 years of your life were building up to these final moments where you are one step closer to the rest of your life.

Matric has two aspects to it. You have a harder level of work.

There’s also the immense pressure because of university, parents, teachers and most importantly the pressure you exert on yourself, but also the wisdom and support that comes from our families and teachers have a prominent impact on us during our final year as scholars.

You may think that matric won’t change you that much, but it does. ‘

You grow emotionally as you are constantly put through challenges, internal or external. You end up losing some friends because either of you change too much or have different goals in life.

You have matric dances and after parties which are great but matric requires a lot of sacrifice and nights at home when everyone else is out. 

My highlight was my matric dance, it was a breathtaking experience with some of my closest friends. 

Matric has definitely made me a better version of myself but I’m so glad that it’s finally over.

I had always wanted to leave Durban and study in Johannesburg or Cape Town because I believed these places had better universities but with the #FeesMustFall campaign and the sheer violence I’ve seen during it, I’ve realised that I could be better off at a private institution right here at home. 

It would be safer and I wouldn’t have to pause my studies for strikes. 

I understand why they are striking. Fees are increasing but universities need to keep up to date with the rest of the world’s educational standard and need funding to grow.

The strikes should have been peaceful and students should not have trashed universities as that would have made the fees even higher as more money would be needed to repair it.

Matric passing standards have decreased over the years but universities have always had a higher entrance rate, but because of the government’s low standards of education, universities get students who are not mature enough to understand why they need to pay and even complete their degree.

Yes, free education is a basic need but it shouldn’t start with universities.

All primary schools should get free education first.

University is an option to most right now. After taking in all these factors I feel more confident about a private college with international standards. 

I hope to get a job, perhaps doing software engineering, at an international IT company so that I can move to another country after I complete my studies.

South Africa is a beautiful country but with the current government I don’t see how our country can grow properly when our money is being used for personal use and fraud.
If this country was safe or had fair job options especially to the younger generation of all races then I would like to think that if we stay and work in this country then it would make the South African economy greater instead of South Africans making other countries greater.

– Sourced from IOL

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