Social media has been buzzing since the announcement of Google banning Chinese company Huawei from using its Android operating system. 

This comes after Huawei’s license was suspended after the Trump administration blacklisted the company.

People quickly took to twitter to express their feelings towards the ban especially Huawei users who are not sure where the ban leaves them; 

The move will prevent Huawei devices from receiving key software and security updates, as well as potentially impact their ability to access popular Google apps like Maps and YouTube.

Reports have claimed that Huawei has a plan B in the form of its own operating system in the works. 

According to the China Morning Post Huawei Technologies which is the largest smartphone vendor in China, said it has developed its own operating systems (OS) for both smartphones and computers, which can be used on its devices in the event that current systems provided by US technology giants are no longer available.