TYI chats hair with Cape Town fashionista Zuhaa Isaacs and below are her Must try hair colours this Spring…

I stared ahead at a young woman with cotton candy, pink hair in the store this morning, and glanced down at my boring locks and wondered for the umpteenth time if I dared to unleash my inner crazy.

Down the aisle I go, determined and with a manic look in my eyes, as I search the hair dye section for the ultimate colour, that will signal to the world that I’m a new me.

A second passes, then twenty minutes…

I sigh and walk out with nothing. I thought about it too much again…

From Kylie Jenner; the queen of the constant crazy hair colour’s to Bella Thorne trailing behind her…

Women and men all over the world have been transforming their natural hair into vibrant, daring and unusual colours.

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Finding hair-spiration:

Constant inspiration comes in the form of social media platforms. It takes a glance at Instagram and Pinterest to have you notice that women are welcoming bold and creative hair colour changes.

From rainbow colour highlights and ombre (gradual shading of colour from light to dark) being super popular (not going to lie, I’ve always wanted to ombre my hair but wasn’t brave enough).

I love how so many people are experimenting with these crazy colours and absolutely slaying with them!

And, it’s not just international celebs like Kelly Osbourne or Halsey.

Making you want to try and rock the crazy colour-do is local makeup artist and beauty guru, Kimlyn Sisam.

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Do a little bit of stalking on her Instagram page; not only is she an amazingly talented makeup artist.

She boasts an array of amazing and unconventional hair colours from blue, to yellow, to rainbow!

Not just these basic blonde or brunette colours (totally okay if you love to keep it natural; I’m pretty boring with my untouched virgin hair).

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Here are my Top 5 “must try”colours summed up in one picture (if you’re brave enough)…

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Tip: Here’s how to maintain your curls healthy after you have played with a few colours

You’re definitely going to wrack up a bill by constantly running to a professional all the time.

Also, these “fashion” colours are not permanent, so you’ll probably find yourself re-dying every two months or so.

When researching “how to maintain healthy, colourful/rainbow looking locks,” (Yes, I actually Googled that…the more informed the better!)

You just have to make sure you get yourself a professional hair treatment or moisture treatment that you should use at least once a week.

Also, don’t wash your hair too often (as icky as that sounds). Twice or thrice a week is sufficient; the more you wash the more the colour will fade.

And the last two golden rules! (I do this with my un-dyed hair even)

Use a sulphate-free shampoo and NEVER use a flat iron over 180 degrees.

So, if you’ve already delved into the colourful hair journey good for you!

But, if you’re unsure like me, you have two choices…

Keep stalking these amazing haired beauties on Instagram and wish for those vibrant locks OR actually go out and just do it!

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