“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Now we mean it when we say his body flows to the rhythm. He throws his head back, grins cheekily at the camera, and coordinates his limbs into one powerful dancing machine.

South African choreographer, Megablayze is setting dance floors alight, with all the right moves and just the right style.

Joburg-born, Clarence Nqobizitha Ndlovu (23) states that being a professional dancer has always been his dream and all that he lives for.

He started dancing in his early high school days, at the tender age of 16, and later teamed up, to form his first Dance Crew, called SLAY FAM and later created a dominating dance crew with his close brotherly friend, Mike Lamfel a crew known as Creed dance crew (@creedSA).

Blayze has worked tirelessly to immerse himself in the world of Hip-hop and professional dance, competing fiercely, nationally and internationally.

Quickfire Q & A with the man himself:

Q) Who have you worked with previously?

A) That is a broad question, but I’ll break it down as simple as I can. I have worked with the great artists both locally and internationally.

The likes of Ne-yo, Too fan, Partoranking and Davido. Locally, the likes of Cassper Nyovest, Nadia Nakai, Gemini Major, Riky Rick, Aka, Mafikizolo, Dj Buggz, Dj Tira, Dj Zandy, Kwesta to only mention a few.

I have also featured on shows like the MAMAS, SAMAS, METROS, SAFTAS and SOUTH AFRICAN SPORTS AWARDS…

Q) Tell us about your recent projects?

A) I choreographed for the METROs 2016. I choreographed for the South African Sports Awards. I choreographed for the AFCON 2017 ADVERT and over the weekend, and performed at The Movie Music Festival with our talented local artists.

Q) What are the challenges you face as a young choreographer, and how do you overcome them?

A) Dancing is not as easy as people think. They only see the final product. It takes a lot of sweat and late hours. Frustration and tears are part of the process when coming up with amazing work.

– Challenges I face would include not being credited enough for the work I put in.

The worst part about putting all the effort, is that you are not being paid enough for the work you put in.

– Not being recognised as much as I believe I should be. It’s also another major challenge.

– Also finding the right choreography to suit the given task.

Q) How do you overcome these challenges?

A) It is not easy, every day is a constant battle with myself, lacking financial support and trying to make everything work.

However, prayer has been my weapon, when the going gets tough, I just cry out to God for help.

My other motivation is that, whenever I think of giving up, I look at the iconic figures of this world like Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, the list goes on.

Those people faced challenges and rejection and if they gave up they wouldn’t have been where they ended up.

I am always motivated to keep pushing and I believe that one day I will be fully recognised for the work I put in.

Q) What is your favourite choreographed piece?

A) It has to be the piece I did to the Panda remix, which got over 80k views on Facebook and a great deal of shares.

The secret that made the dance work, was that the entire choreography was effortless. I did it out of the purity of dance and just having fun and living the craft and it was well received by the public.

It was even shared by Dj Zinhle.

My other highlight has to be Switched up by Nasty C, it was intriguing and intricate that it also got to Nasty Cs eyes and lastly the AFCON advert piece. It was fun and powerful and because it got the platform, it resulted in it being viewed by many people through the Supersport channels.

Q) What inspires your choreography?

A) God first, the fact that I am able to use my legs and move them in a way that is out of this world, inspires me to push more.

On the other hand, other dancers and artists inspire me Like Chris Brown, Scott Forysth, Brian Pospus and Keone Madrid.

Q) Are you in a relationship?

A) Yes, I am happily in one. She’s a blessing.

Q) What kind of clothes do you dance in, that includes you being comfortable, as well as being trendy?

A) I dance in mostly sweat pants as they allow for free movement and honestly anything that I feel good in. It can be stretchable jeans too it doesn’t really matter as long as you look good ,because if you look good you will feel good and if you feel good you will do good.

Q) If you were to be a face of a brand, which brand would you pick and why?

A) Nike and Markhams, because they have the kind of clothing style I go for.

Q) Who would you like to dance for next?

A) My dream has always been to share the same dancing stage as Chris brown.

Q) What is your source of motivation?

A) God. Every day, all day.

Q) If you were to define yourself in one word what would it be from the following choices?
(Healer, Trailblazer, Influencer, Innovator or Disruptor?) and why?

A) It’s unfair that I have to choose only one (Lol) but I’ll go with #Influencer, because through my craft I get to inspire people and if people are inspired they are easily influenced by the positive energy you feed them.

When they absorb your energy, they heal and they are inspired to be innovators of their own lives.

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