The Rwanda Education Board (REB) is collaborating with YouTube to provide free online lessons to keep students up to speed during a lockdown instituted on March 21 which saw the closure of schools and tertiary institutions.

On Saturday the REB launched an e-learning YouTube channel which will load graphic classroom sessions for both primary and secondary school learners and help then with their studies at home during the lockdown.

The channel has so far uploaded 22 videos. Subjects available include English, science for primary school as well as chemistry, mathematics and biology courses for secondary school learners.

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“Rwanda Education Board is pleased to inform students, teachers, parents and the general public that from now onward you can easily access our e-Learning platform which is suitable for students to continue their studies,” the board said.

Mobile telecommunications company MTN Rwanda said it supported the government’s efforts to ensure continued learning for students.

“In partnership with RwandaICT and Rwanda Education ministry, we have made online access to Rwandan universities and school websites free. This is to allow students to access in house learning materials,” it said.

REB director general Dr Irénée Ndayambaje was quoted by the KT Press local publication as saying the content on the YouTube channel was filmed from different classroom sessions and settings “to help the student to do a visualized revision and understand a lesson they didn’t get well”.

“Teachers can also learn from them and understand how others prepare lessons,” Ndayambaje said.

She encouraged parents to subscribe to the learning channel and share the classroom videos with their children, adding that a project was underway to identify families with no cellphones or computers devices to ensure their children were not left behind.

“This is still in the pipeline and we will have to see how successful this goes to decide on what next,” KT Press quoted Ndayambaje as saying.