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Trevor Noah has reportedly added an incredible new piece of property to his portfolio.

According to TMZ real estate sources have confirmed that Trevor spent over $20 million (over R279 million) for a jaw-dropping estate in Bel-Air.

The Daily Show hosts new two-level mansion is a whopping 10,044 square feet, and it’s surrounded by glass walls and wraparound terraces, giving Trevor some breathtaking views of Los Angeles.

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“The 1.31-acre property sits on a hillside lot in western Bel-Air, on a quiet cul-de-sac, but there’s nothing quiet about Trevor’s place. The master suite is massive — we’re talking 2,200 feet — and we haven’t even mentioned the home theater, infinity pool and the 500-gallon saltwater aquarium!” wrote TMZ.

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(c) BusinessTech

When the news broke about the beautiful property, Twitter went crazy, with some people linking the purchase to Trevors recent split from girlfriend Jordyn Taylor.

Congratulations to Trevor!