My Facebook feed usually offers me a chuckle or two until I discovered Donavan Pillay; a man of many words and plentiful *charou wisdom. I couldn’t hold back the laughter as I scrolled through his hilarious posts.

It made my week just a little less sh*ttier. It would be tragic not to share his funny insights. Enjoy!


Facebook Questions with Donavan Pillay

A quote that I turn to for inspiration is…

Nevermind…let their a*se burn…their problem that.

I would like to never have to…

Come to your house and say, “Ja, say now what you was saying on Facebook.”

My superhero name would be…

Bengal Tiger 2.

One goal I want to accomplish in my lifetime is…

To make right all my wrongs and to help the poor and give them back their dignity as human beings.

Before going to bed, I always…

Wash my a*se.

For me, the perfect age to get married is…

Two weeks before you die. So you know what hell feels like. So when you die and go to heaven, you will appreciate it.

The world is better thanks to the invention of…

Toilet roll.

If I were prime minister for a day, I would…

Give everyone BREYANI…but charge them for the pickle and the sour milk salad.

I wish I could speak…

Like that girl from unit 7 who everyone thinks stays in thaaar unirrrated states aafff America.


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Dhania – Cilantro

Breyani/ biryani- A traditional meat and rice dish. Culinary historians believe that as far back as 2 A.D., Tamil cooks would make breyani to feed military warriors before battle.

Unit 7 – An area in Chatsworth, Durban

Soji/Sooji/Suji- Semolina dessert

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