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White trainers have become a wardrobe mainstay for fashion fans everywhere but they can be frustratingly difficult to keep clean. 

If someone was kind enough to gift you with a pair over the festive season or you want to brighten up your old pair, now slightly off-white pair you’re in luck because the style experts at Who What Wear have shared their tried-and-tested methods for keeping their favourite footwear looking as fresh as the day they were bought. 

They explained the process starts with how the shoes are stored, as exposure to the sun can cause damage and discolouration over time. 

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When it comes to cleaning a toothbrush, vinegar and a gentle shampoo should all be in your toolbox – but the washing machine must be avoided. 

Use a splash of vinegar 

Specially-made wipes and cleaning tools are handy but old-fashioned white vinegar works just as well when it comes to sprucing up your favourite shoes. 

Simply dip a wash cloth and dip it in vinegar before gently rubbing the affected area.

Small stains should disappear in an instant. 

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Shampoo oil stains

Oil can be tricky to tackle – but not impossible. 

Rather than rely on warm water and soap, reach for your gentlest shampoo and use that on the stain instead. 

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Dilute bleach before using

While bleach can be used on trainers, it must be diluted.

The article notes: ‘Most shoe-care guides suggest mixing one part bleach with five parts water; any more than that and you risk turning your white fabrics a weird yellow tone.’ 

To clean, dip a toothbrush into the diluted solution and scrub gentle. Rinse with warm water when you are finished.   

Hand wash in warm water 

It might sound obvious, but a quick wash in warm water might just be enough to bring your dirty shoes back to life. 

Use a dollop of gentle soap and leave to air dry once you are finished.  

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Stuff with paper towels

Once the shoes are washed stuff them with paper towels to help soak up the moisture and dry them out quicker. 

Use nail polish 

For scratches and scuffs that are too stubborn to remove, hiding them might be your best bet. 

Style experts recommend reaching for a bottle of white nail polish and painting a thin layer over any unsightly marks to make the shoes look sparkling white once more.

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