Sophie Turner is “pretty adamant” she’ll be the “love interest” in all Jonas Brothers’ music videos.

The ‘Game of Thrones’ actress – who is married to Joe Jonas – and Nick and Kevin Jonas’ wives, Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas, all appear in the promo for the trio’s comeback single, ‘Sucker’, and her husband admitted they were cast at the insistence of the ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ star.

He said: “Sophie was pretty adamant that she play the love interest in every music video we do from now on.

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“I told her I didn’t think that was possible, but we’d give her the first one.”

Sophie’s stint as Sansa Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’ has come to an end just as Joe is enjoying a career resurgence with his family band back together, and the 29-year-old singer admitted it is been a big topic of conversation in their household.

He told the Guardian newspaper: “We’ve definitely spoken about that. It’s difficult to say goodbye to one … But it’s amazing timing that we could be starting our life together right now.”

The high-profile couple are often pictured staring out photographers or making rude gestures and Joe admitted they’ve found it the best way to cope with the attention they attract.

He said: “Early on, we were trying to be secretive about our relationship.

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“[But] we like to sit outside. Pulling faces at the paparazzi is sometimes the best way to handle the situation – and then I see myself on the top of Reddit.

“I love Reddit! I got so excited when I saw that. I went: ‘We made it!’ She wasn’t as excited.”

-Bang Showbiz