DON’T flout the dress code:

The 2018 dress code “It Is Time” means have fun with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to play with various textures and colours, such as African prints mixed with denim, even if they clash.

DO dress for your age and body type:

Just because it’s a horse racing event doesn’t mean you have to be covered up like a middle-aged librarian.

However, it doesn’t mean dressing in a skimpy costume as if you’re attending a carnival. Do keep it classy in well-fitted clothing that flatters your body shape. Do flash a bit of thigh and collarbone.

Whatever you do, keep it classy.

DON’T over accessorise:

From hats and neckpieces to bracelets and watches, don’t wear all your jewellery at once. Choose an accessory that will complement your outfit and not take attention away from it.

If you are going for a dramatic headpiece, wear dainty earrings or a neckpiece.

DO wear comfortable shoes:

You will probably spend the day on your feet, standing or walking around the venue mingling. Don’t be shy to pair your outfit with trendy sneakers, flat shoes or block or platform heels.

DO protect your skin from sunburn by applying a light layer of sunscreen on your face and exposed skin. I recommend an oil-based sunscreen. It offers protection and moisture.

DON’T forget your sunglasses, not only for sun protection but sunglasses, whether designer ones or not, are the perfect accessory for the races.

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