Want to know whether your potential suitor will pay for dinner before you accept his offer of a date?

Check out his fingers.

The length of a man’s digits can predict his dating behaviour, according to research.

Men with “masculinised fingers” – those with a short index finger in comparison to their ring finger – are more likely to make greater efforts towards impressing someone they are romantically interested in, the study found.

They are more likely to give romantic gifts like flowers and chocolates to their love interest, and buy them dinners in nice restaurants. They are also more likely to take care of their appearance – wearing stylish clothes, and applying expensive aftershave for their date.

They tend to work out in the gym “to be more attractive”, and will “show off expensive items to women” during a date, according to the study, led by Montreal University’s business school, HEC Montreal.

Previous research has found that the ratio of our fingers is linked to the amount of the “male” hormone testosterone that we are exposed to when we are developing in the womb.

So the shorter the index finger to the ring finger, the greater the testosterone exposure.

Daily Mail