Need a formula to beat Monday Blues?

Well, I’ve got a solution for you that does not involve rocket science.

Man crush the heck out of your Monday!

Zola Msizi is a hunk of Wakandian perfection. He is the kind of guy that elicits coy glances, furious blushing, and hysterical giggles. I must admit that I was taken aback by his charm and goofiness.

Behind The Scenes: Zola Msizi
Video by TYI


Lawd my professional self murmured, “Jane. Composure. Composure.”


Those dreamy eyes, damning smile, and boy-next-door looks should have you weak at the knees. Did we mention that he is studying Architecture at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology?


You probably stumbled across Msizi’s profile on your Instagram feed by now. If you haven’t, you’re about to. We aren’t here to objectify him. We are celebrating his millennial-ness, his accomplishments and how he happens to be a blessing to womankind. Jokes, meant to say ‘mankind’.

Here are 10 interesting facts about ‘Millennial of the moment’ Zola Msizi:

1. Zola Msizi (24) hails from Port Elizabeth.

2. Msizi is a stylist, a model, and an aspiring actor.

3. He is the face of Men’s Clothing Store, CSquared.

4. He was recently awarded best-dressed man at the Veuve Clicquot masters polo event. The prestigious polo event held in Cape Town attracts thousands of celebrities, influencers, and opinion leaders.

5. Msizi found it difficult to relate to other children because they couldn’t understand the world he imagined. “I was always strange when I was growing up. I had dreams bigger than my age.”

6. He enjoys his own company.

7. Msizi prefers working under pressure.

8. His biggest fears include failing and giving up on his dreams. “I still believe in the power of prayer in good times and bad times.”

9. Sorry folks, he is taken. He is happily in love but would rather keep his relationship private.

10. Msizi loves being on set and enjoys acting because it gives him an opportunity to step out of himself and reimagine a different world in his character’s shoes. In 2015 he was featured in a Coca-Cola South Africa advert.

“My confidence is not arrogance, it is just that I take pride in who I am because I’ve worked hard to become who I am today.” – Zola Msizi

Stay tuned for more on Msizi as we discuss careers, relationships and worst date experiences…