May 12th is officially Mothers Day! It’s the day when children of all ages go out of their way to buy their mothers or mother figures the perfect gift to show them how much they are appreciated and loved. 

Typically, it’s an ‘I Love You’ mug or comfy slippers. But this is not nearly good enough! Not all mothers like the same things. As individuals, mothers are very different from one another.

For instance, working mothers most likely simply crave quality time with the family, and then there are mothers who prefer to spend their day out in nature, mothers who like cooking and trying new recipes in the kitchen and mothers who prefer to spend their special day on their own.

There are so many other great ideas for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for every type of mom. Here are some suggestions:


The mom who loves to cook

If your mom loves trying new recipes or taking pictures of her food for Instagram, a great gift to her would be this pan which is used to make bubble waffles. The family will love her even more when she uses it to switch up the breakfast routine. And she’ll feel super proud when she wows everyone at the next family get-together when she shows off her new gadget.

For the mother who loves to be pampered

If you love baking, why not make one of Mom’s favourite desserts that she absolutely loves! There’s nothing like a homemade treat and your mom will surely appreciate this sweet gesture. 


If you’re too busy to get all the baking done and just want to have a nice time together, take her out for brunch or dinner to one of her favourite restaurants.

Nature-loving mom

Pack some of your mom’s favourite snacks in a picnic basket and enjoy the day out. You could take her for a drive through Simon’s Town and stop at Boulders Beach to see some penguins waddling about on the beach or you could head on over to Cape Point and enjoy a slow walk along the scenic routes while looking over the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll also be able to take some killer pics together to add to your collection of memories! (This is important for our next tip on the list.)


Remember to take your ID book along so you can qualify for the lower entry fees available to South African citizens.

The working mom

If your mom is one who is constantly working or is always out on business trips, you could use the images you gathered on your trip to Cape Point and put together a collage of pictures to decorate her desk at work. 

Or you could try to get some things to make her life easier when she gets home. For example, if she likes to have a glass of wine after a long day at work, consider the gift of  an electric bottle opener, because let’s face it, the last thing she needs is to be struggling with a stubborn cork.

Schedule in some alone time FOR HER

There are mothers who would love nothing but sleep on their special day, because they are absolutely exhausted. Why not give her a day to do exactly what she wants? 


Whether it’s taking a 12-hour nap or letting her binge watch her favourite series. Because, let’s face it, our mothers are constantly seeing to our needs, so why not give her some time to relax and forget about her day-to-day responsibilities (for a short while, at least).  

-Adapted from a press release