The release of Nintendo’s much-anticipated Mario Kart version for smartphones is getting closer and we can hardly contain our excitement. 

The Japanese game giant announced this week that it’s now accepting applications for beta tests of the game, called Mario Kart Tour. 

Android users in the U.S. and Japan can sign up for the closed beta on Nintendo’s website and the program will run from May 22nd to June 4th. 


Not everyone who applies to be a part of the beta program will be accepted, according to Nintendo.  

The beta tests arrive ahead of Mario Kart Tour’s official launch, which Nintendo expects to be in Summer 2019. 

Mario Kart Tour will be available for both iOS and Android devices upon release. 

Nintendo first revealed it was developing a Mario Kart app in early 2018 and has remained tight-lipped ever since.

It was supposed to launch in March, but Nintendo pushed back the launch date a few months ago to this summer. 

According to Variety the firm said it needed more time to ‘improve quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch.’ 

In addition to Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo is also expected to release Dr. Mario World, which it described as an action puzzle game involving Mario. 

Mario Kart Tour is being made by Nintendo and DeNA, the same developer that helped create Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. 


Many analysts are expecting Mario Kart Tour to be another runaway hit for Nintendo. 

Experts suggested it could even be Nintendo’s first ‘billion dollar app,’ according to Bloomberg.  

Nintendo’s biggest success to date in the mobile gaming world has been ‘Fire Emblem Heroes,’ which has grossed approximately $500 million since its launch two years ago.   

-Daily Mail