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If you have spent days, weeks and months swiping right in the hope of finding ‘The One’, but to no avail then have you wondered where you might be going wrong?  

Well guess what there’s a reason for that. You’ve been playing the game wrong.

Badoo recently revealed the top 10 words featured on its most successful dating profiles and they are pretty surprising.

The dating website recently delved into its database and analysed its most successful users’ “about me” sections, taking note of the most frequently used words.

And apparently, these are the words that are guaranteed to land you a hot date.


According to the study, the top word for female users was “love” and the most-swiped right male users had “6′” in their bio, while music and gym appeared in both lists.

But it varies between the genders.

Men are drawn towards women whose profiles include the words “beer” and “coffee”, while women were attracted to men whose profile included ‘relationship’ and ‘car’.

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Top 10 words for women’s profile:

  1. Love

  2. Drink

  3. Music

  4. LOL

  5. Gym

  6. Coffee

  7. Blue Eyes

  8. 🙂

  9. Beer

  10. Foodie

Top 10 words for men’s profiles:

  1. 6′ (height)

  2. Family

  3. Dogs

  4. Dinner

  5. Beard

  6. Travel

  7. Music

  8. Relationship

  9. Gym

  10. Car

Badoo’s in house dating-expert Claire Stott said she would encourage users to not be afraid to write about something that is specific to them, such as favourite films, directors or least favourite pasta dishes. Because those sort of things will help you stand out and can often add a touch of humour.

“It is also a good idea to include what you are looking for and any potential deal breakers – such as height – to prevent any awkwardness later on,” she added.

So try out these tips and watch your phone blow up.


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