The world as we know it is changing at supersonic speed. What with technology and gadgets changing the way we live, work and play. 

Already robots are taking over some of the functions and chores traditionally performed by human beings. Results of a study by Villeroy and Boch has revealed that the future will be shaped by seven mega-trends.



Globalisation is at the top of the heap. People are collaborating all over the world, accessing shared digital workspaces from wherever they are. A global culture is developing, the likes of which has never been seen before. Business meetings and dinners on the other side of the planet are already becoming commonplace for a lot of people.


According to the study’s calculations, three-quarters of all human beings will be living in cities by 2050, which means space will be tight. 

The “individual we”, striving toward self-realisation even as the world assimilates into group. Car-sharing and co-working spaces are reflections of this trend.

Demographic change

Guests of hotels for instance, are getting older, so barrier-free access and health-and-wellness options are becoming more of a focus. 

Smart homes and digitisation 

Future hotel rooms will cater to our every whim: the temperature we want, our favourite music, customisable lighting, and modular furniture to fit our needs. 

Air taxis

Air taxis will be a preferred mode of transportation.



This mega-trend will be simultaneously restricting and inspiring us. Vegetable gardens on the roof and walls are just one of the many ways this is manifesting itself.