Imaram Makama is a pastor through Photizo Worship Ministries, an entrepreneur through Photiro Petroleum and Mining, a politician for ACDP serving at the PEC level and a community leader and builder. 

He founded Photizo Worship Ministries in 2013 with the vision of equipping people to become what God wants them to be. 

In 2016 he started Success Through Purpose and later changed the name to Photizo Foundation. Photizo Foundation works with young people through a personal development programme that provides mentorship and group counselling sessions and assists with career choices and motivational programmes. 

The Foundation also works with substance abuse victims by providing prayer, counselling and words of encouragement. In 2016 they registered a co-operative in Petroleum and Mining called Photizo Petroleum and Mining. The objective is to use Photizo Petroleum and Mining as a community development programme that equips and raises entrepreneurs in our nation and in Africa at large. 

On Mandela Day, the Photizo Foundation  hosted an anti-drugs campaign with the victims of substance abuse. This will be an ongoing programme to assist those sufferers to overcome their addiction and to give them hope.

Imram is passionate about seeing change in people’s lives and to see them living a purpose-driven life. The need to change lives was the inspiration for him to get into this line of work.
In the next five years, Imram plans to do more missionary work across Africa countries and build communities as the European missionaries did. 

In terms of business, he envisions owning and managing a coal and chrome mine and retail petroleum stations around the country. He envisions that the Foundation will continue to work in other countries on bigger projects that will impact communities, and on infrastructural development that will create job opportunities and entrepreneur-friendly environments. In terms of politics, he envisions pushing a new education system nationally in South Africa’s parliament.  

His view is that young people are not doing enough; those who are doing something are not being taken seriously and there is not a lot of support for them. He is of the view that African problems can only be solved by Africans if there is unity and support for one another. 

Looking ahead, he would like to see improvements in how countries within the SADC region conduct their business and he would like to see more trade between countries within the SADC region. The SADC community must communicate more and find political and economic solutions for each other. The SADC community must build and plan towards a borderless one-currency SADC region. He says the youth must rise and play their role in making Africa great and taking the continent to the top where it belongs.