Maxwell is a poet, scriptwriter and social change activist.

Maxwell influences social change by encouraging young people to participate in national affairs through planned campaigns. He runs a number of campaigns including others focused on fighting corruption in Zambia. 

 As a poet and scriptwriter, he uses his work to drive a message of peace and unity, and disunity fuelled by political differences and affiliations; as this is one of the big challenges in Zambia.

Growing up, he observed and was bothered by the fact that a lot of young people did not show interest in internal affairs. This drove him to begin his work in influencing young people to get involved in internal affairs and encouraging and educating young people to participate in the national affairs of their countries.

His vision is to diversify his work and develop campaigns that will continue to encourage and ignite passion and interest for involvement in social and political issues. 

He is of the view that young people have a very important role to play in this space as they are the future leaders and as such should be at the forefront of spearheading positive campaigns to create more united communities. This kind of activism should be encouraged.