Mcelo is the former youth advisor of the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

Part of his mandate as a youth advisor of the World Federation of United Nations Associations, was to bridge the gap between the United Nations and the ordinary marginalised young people in Africa. His main focus of influence was Human Rights, Sustainable Development Goals and Humanitarian Affairs. 

Through the My World Survey on how young people can shape the UN, he gathered over 17 000 online and offline consultants to work towards producing a report on how young people can shape the UN. Mcelo also volunteers as an educator with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe, where he is involved in promoting Road Safety Education to young children, high schools and university students.  

He says he was attracted to this work because of his strong work ethic, unwavering moral compass and a deeply instilled sense of justice.

His vision is to work with leaders in Zimbabwe and across Africa to influence decisions made on the needs of young people and areas in which business and government alike can contribute towards developing young people. He says he wants to change the dynamics of the relationship between young people and decision makers and foster new ways of thinking to empower and uplift young people.

Mcelo says, that young people play a crucial role in addressing some of Africa’s challenges and must not be used by the older generation to settle political scores, but instead must be embraced as future leaders and world changes to make a difference across religious, social and economic spaces.