Melishia Pillay is a full-time mother of three, an influencer, student and an entrepreneur. 

The mother of three who is an auxiliary nurse by trade, opted to change careers to delve into digital marketing to free up time to be able to work from home while raising her three children. 

She works as a mom blogger and shares her parenting and lifestyle struggles with the intention of inspiring other parents in similar circumstances in order for them to excel and never to give up in all that they aspire to do, while parenting. She is also working on a project called M.A.R.K. which stands for More Acts of Random Kindness, which showcases the power of random acts of kindness through various platforms. 

Being a full-time mom made it nearly impossible for her to socialise and this motivated her to use her free time to start using social networks to engage and influence and change perceptions around bringing about change in people’s lives by becoming an influencer. She spends most of her time between blogging and online networking, where she shares parenting experiences and engages with other moms to lend an ear and a word of support for those days when parenting may seem difficult. 

Her vision is to show mothers that they can have the best of all worlds, be full time mothers and still be able to generate an income in a world being driven through digital innovations. 

She wants to grow her influence as a working stay at home mom and continue to share positive messages about the possibilities of work opportunities in a digital world; and showcase that the role of influencers is to add value to lives and not to just earn products or freebies, which is what she is doing with the M.A.R.K project. 

Her view is that those who have grown an audience on social media to become influencers must use their influence to motivate and drive positive messages of change to transform the world around them. Melishia says the world in which we live in presents an enabling environment for young people to explore ways in which they can fulfil their dreams and young people should use every opportunity available to them.