Morgan Doeses is the head of house at her school, St Paul’s College. In 2017 she was due to be elected as a student representative, but due to her grades she did not meet the requirements. 

However, she did not let that break her, he worked hard the following year and proved himself so much that his school appointed him head of house. 

Doeses funds a programme aimed at helping get young people off the streets by getting them involved in youth development projects.

She plans on turning her NGO dream into a reality after high school. Since the age of 15, she has been passionate about using his influence to help the youth in Namibia, and hopefully around Africa and the world. 

Her vision is to formalise his NGO work and create a solid team that shares the same vision for his work in order to improve impact and get more young people off the streets. 

She is of the view that young people are fully capable of addressing Africa’s challenges, the problem right now is that the youth are not educated. She says, it is the role of those young people who are in school and getting an education to pay it forward and give back to other young people who have not received the same exposure.