Prisheela Mottee is the founder and president of Raise Brave Girls (RBG). Launched in June 2017, the association develops strategies for women empowerment at a macro level through gender policy proposals, organises regular workshops for women at grassroots level as well as for government and the private sector. 

RBG empowers young girls and women to express feminist consciousness through an online platform where they can share their inspirational stories, motivational quotes and messages. 

She has been the country director for Global Peace Chain Mauritius since December 2018, which works to build resilience and cultivate the culture of tolerance, inclusivity, interfaith harmony, coexistence and social peace. Her main focus is on women, peace and security, because women and young girls are most often used as weapons in war. 

She has been working on a National Budget Policy, making public evidence-based policy proposals for Mauritius. In 2018, the proposal of gender budgeting was positively considered by national government and included in the national budget. 

Her policy proposal pertains to block chain technology, and e-services have also been considered by the national government. She has also made proposals to tighten legislation concerning child marriages in Mauritius, and her advocacy continues to this day. 

As country director of Global Peace Chain Mauritius, she empowers 15 ambassadors in that country. Under her supervision they are empowered to plan and implement peace camps in educational institutions, as well as interactive sessions and peace talks with diplomats, influential community groups, religious scholars and community-based organisations.  

In 2018 Prisheela was invited by the Mandela Institute for Development Studies to be part of its civic education in politics. In 2019 she accepted an invitation by the Tunisian government, UN Women and UNDP to participate in the Tunis Gender Forum, which focuses on women, peace and security. She is a MINDS alumnus and was named the second runner up in the SADC Gender Equality Protocol award. 

Prisheela is troubled by the high rates of teenage pregnancy owing to child marriage, which is allowed by law. She views the empowerment of women as a major contributor to peace in society. She motivates young girls and women to pursue their dreams and reach their optimum potential, while contributing to African society.

Prisheela says that in the past she was shamed for being a feminist. No high-profile association wanted to join hands with her in the project and she was even snubbed by certain awards in her home country because she was advocating women’s rights. 

Despite the obvious lack of support, she maintained a positive attitude and stood firmly by her convictions. In addition, she decided to finance all the activations either through partner collaborations with like-minded individuals and organisations or using her personal savings.

In five years, she would like to roll out courses in self-confidence, self-independence and self-esteem for young girls across Africa, free of charge.