Twenty-two-year-old Tendai Dara has achieved plenty at such a young age, He is an author and motivational speaker who has invested over three years of his time helping people to unleash the greatness within them. 

Tendai is the founder of the Tendai Dara Foundation, an organisation that seeks to promote access to quality education for everyone irrespective of colour, race or tribe. 

He is also an executive member of over five organisations across Africa; these include the Global Peace Chain, where he is a global peace ambassador, he is a member of  the Young African Leaders Forum, the Zimbabwe Young Ambassadors, Boost Fellowship, Girls Child Empowerment Zimbabwe, LEO Club International, Young Life University Zimbabwe. 

He is also an alumni of the Youth Empowerment Transformation Trust Winter School, and has received various leadership certificates for his skills. 

In 2018, Tendai’s foundation provided stationery scholarships to over 100 students. 

He has run a number of successful programmes in more than five communities in Zimbabwe. He is currently in the process of expanding his programmes to other parts of the country and exploring ways in to also expand his work into other parts of Africa. 

His work has impacted the lives of over 40 000 young people. He has held television interviews, had newspaper articles written about him and uses the power of social media to spread his message. 

Tendai also writes motivational books that challenge young people to start living their dreams. He recently published a book titled The Success Pyramid that is changing the lives of many people across the world.  

Tendai’s vision is to play a part towards improving the livelihoods of more than 80% of Africa’s young people by helping them to work towards their dreams and by providing them with the opportunities for growth and progress. 

He is of the view that most of Africa’s challenges are created by Africans, and only Africans can provide the perfect solutions
His desire is to see young people hungry for opportunities and able to grab them when they come, motivated to move forward.