We attended the #UltraSA2017 press conference and got some great info, which will help sate your curiosity and concerns, as well as some fun facts on über amazing DJs – Martin Garrix and KSHMR.

Martin Garrix spent the day at the SOS Children’s Village in Thornton yesterday..

Talented and great with kids. Can this guy be any more perfect?

More about the Resistance Stage:

So, we all know that Ultra boasts not one but two awesome stages: The Main Stage and Resistance.

But what exactly is the Resistance Stage and why was it set up?



Shaun Duwe (founder of Ultra Music Festival) said that the Resistance stage is set up in order to showcase local talent; So you’re guaranteed to witness some amazing talent from the likes of Black Coffee, Chunda Munki and TIMO ODV…

Ultra is one of the biggest music festivals which happens in 5 continents and over 20 countries (and South Africa is just one of those lucky places that Ultra makes an appearance at).

Fun fact about KSHMR…

He is a science geek! He loves physics (but says he’s not that great at it) and he’s even reading a book on nuclear combustion…

Hmmm…Talented and smart!

I mean, these DJs are setting some unrealistic expectations for our guys…

Did you know?…

It’s KSHMR’s very first Ultra in South Africa and Martin Garrix’s third time (he’s an #UltraSA regular).


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What would Garrix picture himself doing other than DJ’ing?

He said he can’t imagine himself doing anything other than music or something in the creative field (The dedication! I love it!)

And the final question on everyone’s mind…

Why the venue change from The Ostrich Ranch to The Cape Town Stadium?

…and why only one day instead of two like the set up last year?

“We wanted fans to lock all energy into one day and just conceal the vibe and anticipation into a single day and keep excitement levels up for one, big, amazing festival.” Shaun Duwer.


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So, hope all you Ultranauts enjoy the festival…until next year!

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