CAPE TOWN – Durban has been listed in CNN’s “Best 23 Destinations for street food”. put together an online listing of street food destinations to celebrate the everyday dishes that people buy for lunch and breakfast all over the world.

The website listed 23 cities around the world considered to have exemplary street food – with Bangkok’s listing leading the online report. Other destinations listed include Tokyo, Honolulu, Durban, New Orleans, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

On adding Durban to the list, the website noted “Perhaps it’s because of Durban’s lovely year-round weather, or maybe it’s the Indian influence, but the city is southern Africa’s reigning street food champ.

“Local culture and cuisine is a blend sourced from Zulu, Indian and white South Africans, who each bring a little something to the mix.

“The city is known for its curries, which over the generations have adapted to South African ingredients and tastes.”

Adapted from a press release, IOL

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