The moment Kit Harington discovered the fate of his character, Jon Snow, on Game of Thrones has been captured on film as part of a new documentary. 

Titled The Last Watch, the new feature-length documentary aired in place of the show on Sunday night in the US, now that the series has aired its final episode. 

Fans had the opportunity to revel in all the behind-the-scenes action of the last season, although they were particularly drawn to a moment during the table read with the cast, when it was revealed that Jon kills Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). 

“We still Jon with his hand still on the hilt of the dagger he just lodged in Dany’s heart,” reads creator David Benioff, as Harington covers his mouth with his hand in visible shock.

The camera then cuts to Clarke, who has a more humorous reaction to the news and starts to sink into her chair, as Benioff continues: “He keeps her in his arms and she falls, kneeling down to the floor beside her. He looks down at what he’s done, terrible and necessary. End of Game Of Thrones.”

Directed by Jeanie Finlay, The Last Watch deals with the making of the final season, drawing on Finlay’s experiences while being on the set for a year. 

It also offers “unprecedented access” to the cast and crew on the series.