The fashion Industry continues to grow in the world, and as it grows, more and more people are trying to break into the industry.

Some tips and tricks to survive the fashion industry were discussed during a panel discussion at the Durban ICC that consisted of makeup artist Nthato Mashishi, reality TV star and Idols judge Somizi Mhlongo and Radio and TV host Anele Mdoda, among others. 

The discussion took place as part of the Durban Fashion Fair which ends on Saturday. 

Somizi encouraged the room of about 60 creatives to focus on making their work speak for itself rather than wanting to have their faces in the front lines.  

He also called for young designers to come together and work towards changing the Industry and making work in their favour. 

“Big brands are using you guys to pay the rent but they will never advertise your work, fight that,” he said.   

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Mashishi said talent alone is not enough, especially in the makeup industry. 

“You need to polish your talent, research, get information. Go to school if need be. It’s not only about doing a face, there’s a lot that goes into it,” he said.

He also said young creatives need to stop waiting for opportunities and start with the resources that they have. 

“You won’t be a big brand if, in your small circles like at home or in your community, nobody knows your work,” he said.

He added, “Stop having a sense of entitlement and waiting for things to happen for you, start taking things into your own hands. Take the bull by the horns.”

Anele also weighed in saying the world had no business wanting to wear a designer’s clothes if within their own communities nobody was wearing them. 

The Durban Fashion Fair comes to a close tomorrow, with more conversations and exhibitions taking place.  

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