These days many singles turn to dating apps to find a partner but according to one expert they are failing successful women. 

According to Yvonne Allen, one of Australia’s leading matchmakers, most online dating apps are geared around the concept of ‘instant attraction’, not long term relationships.

‘Instant physical attraction isn’t a reliable predictor for the potential for lasting love,’ she told Daily Mail.  

‘This type of approach does not work for successful women as many men are intimidated by them.’ 

Instead, she said, traditional matchmaking is far more likely to help you to find a match – and lead to a lasting relationship.

Yvonne explained that culturally many women are still looking for a partner with a better job or greater career prospects.

They are encouraged to ‘date up’ but this makes the dating process a lot more difficult for women, particularly online. 


‘These days millions of singles of all ages scroll through pages of photos on online dating sites, looking to meet that special someone,’ Yvonne said.  

‘While a photo may attract you to initiate contact, it can’t tell you how compatible you’ll be. Whether they’ll get along with your friends, whether they’ll want kids, whether they wash their feet in the sink – you know, the essentials!’.

Yvonne said that if daters are looking for a long-lasting and meaningful relationship they you need to dig deeper and need to make conscious choices about the sort of site they’re on.

‘And more importantly, you need to know what really matters to you when it comes to a potential partner and a relationship,’ she said. 

‘Many of our clients who have met their partner have said that they would not have chosen to meet each other on the basis of photos.’ 

In spite of the rise on online dating apps, traditional matchmaking is still proving to be the best means of finding a partner for many women, particularly successful women.  


While today’s technology has made it possible to connect almost instantly online, Yvonne believes we live in what is perhaps the loneliest era since the dawn of humankind. 

‘Nowadays our ever-growing population is being born into a world of computers and smartphones: tools that promise connectivity but all too often deliver disengagement and solitude,’ Yvonne said.

‘Given the pressures and expectations of today’s society, many of us have lost the sense of getting to really know someone and being known, and these pressures can make us feel inadequate.

‘So many people today are approaching relationships with a “wish list” of expectations that don’t mesh with reality.’ 

-Daily Mail